Glass Airwash

The cleanliness of the glass is very important, and anyone who thinks about buying a stove or insert asks the seller a fundamental question. Will I still have clean glass? Clean glass has been an objective of development in many manufacturing companies and HS Flamingo also places great emphasis on this issue. It always depends primarily on the "purity of fire", that means what wood we use for heating and whether the stove sometimes doesn't serve as a trash can. Wood must be dry and it is recommended to use deciduous wood. An equally important factor is the correct draft in the chimney. It is always advisable to invite a chimney sweep to perform a draft test before installation. In the case of a poor draft, smoke is removed from the combustion chamber incorrectly, which may cause glass impurity.


The glass airwash works by preheating the secondary air, which rises to the top of the chamber and is blown onto the glass. This creates a protective barrier between the glass and the flue gas. Furthermore, it permeates to the fire and burns the gaseous parts. This system is very effective and is used mainly on the HS Flamingo, Aquaflam and Masterflamme products.


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