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Firewood racks Flamingo DELUXE

Proper wood will always belong to the stove. Firewood racks Flamingo DELUXE both looks nice and also help you store a bunch of logs just next to the stove. Firewood racks are available in four designs and six colours. Those colours are the very same as on the other products HS Flamingo. All parts are made from 5 mm thick steel coated with heat-resistant paint. Firewood racks are packed in the wooden cages.

Expanding our retail space

We have just finished new shop and showroom in our headquarters in Broumov. Now you can see the complete production portfolio including the colour variants. Modern interiors, where we can proudly present all our products. Come and see...


Soon you can look forward to the new HS Flamingo. We will introduce you a design fireplace stove with a tubular structure and a panoramic look.


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