Fireplace insert configurator

Do you want to see how the Falmingo fireplace insert will be integrated into the interior? Do you want to see what the different widths and colours of the cover frames look like built into the wall? You can also change the colour and trim and choose day or night view. It's easy with our configurator.



Fireplace inserts Flamingo feature precise regulation of burning, safe and comfortable door handling, grate-free combustion across the whole firebox, combustion chamber inlaid with vermiculite, tertiary air supply, clean glass without compromise, stable and firm door profile and integrated base.



Revolutionary solution of firebox offers unbeatable fire experience. The wood burns at the whole width of the firebox bottom thanks to the grate-free combustion and air-supply ducting system. The result is minimum fuel consumption. We raised the view of flames to the new level.


Stable door profile

The door must withstand very high temperatures and that is why we chose the most appropriate materials, which withstand even the long-term thermal stress. The perfect fixation of the rope seal is also ensured. The frame of the door is specially designed to provide clean visual impression.


Always clean glass

Even after several uses in a row, we manage to keep the glass clean. It is achieved by the unique design of the firebox, which ensures precise supply of the primary and secondary airs for the combustion. Very high temperatures are reached in the firebox and the glass stays clean for a longer time.


Integrated base

Each Flamingo fireplace insert is equipped
with integrated base. You don‘t have to build
or buy this necessary part separately. The
base is very stable and its height is adjustable.




Precise fire regulation

You can choose manual or electronic fire control. Manual regulation is controlled by the precise lever, which is adjusted for the most comfortable and easiest use. The difference between open and closed regulation is clearly apparent at first sight.


Comfortable opening

Door handling at Flamingo fireplace inserts is easy and safe. We chose the similar system which is used for example on refrigerators, where you just grab the handle, pull a bit and the door is open. The handle is underlaid with wood, no risk of burns here.


Cover frames are designed to cover the expansion joint between the fireplace insert and fireplace surround. You can choose black or grey variant and 20 mm or 46 mm width.

Fire regulation

Manual control

The air inlet is regulated manually with a lever. The lever control is situated under the door.


Automatic control

The automatic control regulates the process of burning by air intake dampers. Thanks to the fluent regulation is the burning clean, optimal and prolongs the burn time. The automatic control unit uses the values from the flue gas sensor and that is why the automatization process is very precise.


Our Czech products are sold all over the world. They are produced exclusively by the Czech team HS Flamingo.


Fireplace inserts FlamingoS5M9X15
Rated total power [kW]5,29,214,6
Total power range [kW]2,6–6,84,6–117,3–17,5
Efficiency [%]82,280,880,6
Operating thrust [Pa]121212
Weight [kg]105181270
Flue pipe diameter [mm]150150200
Energy classA+AA
Log length [cm]335070
Warranty5 years5 years5 years
Meets standardsEN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, Ekodesign