Basic features of Aquaflam hot water fireplace inserts: efficient, double glass cleaning with preheated air, secondary combustion, Eco-Air-In, Flamme Verte eco-heating sign, meets the standards: EN 13229, BImSchV - Stufe 2, DINplus, Flamme Verte, external air supply (primary, secondary, tertiary air supply), no fireclay technology (absence of lining leads to a more general transfer of heat to the exchanger), possibility of double-sided connection of the water exchanger, cooling loop in each variant, 2 outputs for sensor connection, demountable front frame of the insert, types of glass: flat, panoramic, prismatic (bent), damper for chimney draft control , cast iron grate, ashtray, 5 year warranty

Fire inserts Aquaflam – 3D Cut


Our Czech products are sold all over the world. They are exclusively produced by the Czech HS Flamingo team.

Combustion regulation


Manual regulation

The air supply is controlled manually with a push/pull rod.


Basic regulation

The stove is operated by a potentiometer in the lower right corner of the door.


Aquaflam Fireplace Inserts7 kW12 kW17 kW25 kW
Power to the water [kW]5101421
Power to air [kW]2234
Performance range [kW]3 –108 – 1613 – 2121 –30
Effectiveness of the liner [%]79,179,179,078,0
Emission CO (Při 13% O2) [%]0,10,10,10,1
Average flue gas temperature [°C]247247255278
Heat exchanger volume [l]22273236
Weight [kg]130136141177
Flue gas duct [mm]160160180180
Length of logs [cm]35354555
Warranty5 years5 years5 years5 years
Meets standardsEN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, Ekodesign