Flamingo stoves are purely Czech products. There is a great emphasis on the used materials and especially their thickness. The fireplace stoves meet the most stringent European standards which makes them highly popular abroad. The chamber is made of thick-walled steel sheet and planted with real fireclay for better combustion. The main advantage is the secondary combustion, which, thanks to tertiary air supply ensures high efficiency and low fuel consumption.

Flamingo stove - 3D cut



Rated total power9 kW
Total power range3 – 12 kW
Efficiency80,72 %
Fuel consumption2,5 kg/hod
Flue gas outlet150 mm
Length of logs35 cm
Calorific value60 – 240 m3
Emission CO (při 13% O2) 0,08 %
Average flue gas temperature293 °C
Operating thrust12 – 14 Pa
Warranty5 years
Meets standardsEN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, Ekodesign

Our Czech products are sold all over the world. They are produced exclusively by the Czech team HS Flamingo.