Fireplace stoves in the DELUXE range, which combine simple design, clean fire and combustion efficiency into one. Stoves are already a common part of many households and it is an exceptional accessory to our interiors. Modern times require new and technologically interesting products, where design also plays a major role. We have created a timeless stove, modern, efficient with a design you won't find anywhere else.

Flamingo Deluxe - 3D cut



Total power range3 – 11 kW
Stove efficiency80 %
Fuel consumption2,9 kg/hod.
Operating thrust12 – 14 Pa
Flue gas outlet150 mm
Length of logs35 cm
Emission CO (při 13% O²) 0,077 %
Average flue gas temperature287 °C
Heat capacity60 – 220 m³
Warranty5 years
Meets standardsEN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, Ekodesign

Our Czech products are sold all over the world. They are produced exclusively by the Czech team HS Flamingo.