Automatic combustion control Aquaflam

Automatic combustion regulation controls the heating circuit with a heat source like a hot water fire place insert, stove or other sources. The combustion process is controlled automatically with an air damper, which cooperates with the control unit attached to the wall. The produced heat is conducted to a non-potable hot water storage tank and to the central heating distribution. The regulation contains three sensors and can control two pumps. Thanks to a graphic display you will get immediate information about the temperatures of single sensors, if the pumps or another heat source is switched on. Thanks to this regulation you will spare much time of regulating the insert and stove, you will increase your security and lower the fuel consumption.

  • user-friendly
  • graphic display of sensors, pumps and temperatures
  • option of switching on / off for other heat sources (electric / gas boiler etc.) 
  • option of setting individual values according to detailed manual
  • unshowy design, universal for many interiors
  • sommer mode

Main benefit of automatic regulation

  • regulates the combustion and ensures strong fuel savings
  • shows graphically the sensors' temperatures, state of pumps and damper
  • prevents overheating of the hearth - closes the damper and gives sound signals
  • increases you safety
  • prolongs the lifetime of the combustion chamber
  • no installation of damper necessary  (regulation is a part of the fireplace insert or stove)
  • option of several languages setting