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Broumov town

For more than seven centuries the Town of Broumov has been the administrative, cultural and business centre in the Stěnava River Basin, surrounded by the Javoři border mountains and the Broumov sandstone cliffs. The beginnings of the town trace back to the oldest male monastic order in Bohemia – the Břevnov Order of Saint Benedict. The town was most probably established around the year 1255 on the right bank of the Stěnava river as an administrative centre and the only place in the dominion reserved for trade and craftsmanship. Cloth makers have always had an important role to play among the Broumov craftsman. Cloth production very soon outgrew the needs of the local market and hence the foundations for export-based textile production were laid.

In May 1420, the monastery in Břenov was razed to the ground and Abbot Nicholas with most of the convent fled to Broumov. In June 1421, the town was besieged by the Hussites, who ended up leaving after three days of negotiations.
Town of Broumov

At the turn of the 17th and 18th century, under the leadership of TomᚠSartori and Otmar Zinke, Broumov flourished economically thus enabling the costly construction of the monastery and church buildings.

The ground work for industrial production was set by the abolishment of the feudal system in 1848 and the freeing up of labour from agriculture. In 1856, Josef Schroll, one of the best known entrepreneurs and cloth traders, built the first mechanical weaving mills in Olivětín and started the industrialisation of the region.

Sights of Interest

  • Broumov Monastery
  • Church of St. Peter and Paul
  • Church of Saint Wenceslas
  • Wooden cemetery Church of St. Mary
  • Church of the Resurrection
  • Infirmary at the Church of the Holy Spirit
  • Chapel of the Suffering Madonna
  • Town fortifications
  • Column of the Virgin Mary in the town square
  • Bridge on the road to Hejtmánkovice, lined with statues of Saint John of Nepomuk and Saint Wenceslas from the mid 19th century.
  • Statue of Saint Florian in the Small Town Square
  • Plague column in the west part of the town
  • Column of the Crucifixion
  • Parish
  • Tannery
  • Monastery oak tree, commemorative tree

Broumov Photo Gallery

Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov
Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov Fotogallery Broumov

The Broumov Region

Town of Broumov

Broumov - a town of churches

A total of nine baroque rural church buildings described in expert literature under the title "the Broumov Group" makes up an exceptional and in many respects unique historical and architectural set. The individual buildings of this "Group" are highly noteworthy architectural works. It is necessary to both value and actively protect the "Broumov Group" as a whole because of its specific and high culturally-historic significance.

Broumov Walls

The most interesting parts of the Broumov Walls are made accessible by a dense network of marked tourist paths and trails, which allow one to walk in relative comfort through what would otherwise be very inaccessible terrain. The numerous lookouts (Star, Vulture's Basket, The Crown, Božanovský Špičák and more) provide a view of not only the nearby rocky terrain and the Police and Broumov regions, but also the far horizons with the characteristic ridge contours of the Krkonoše Mountains, the Owl Mountains, Orlické Mountains, Bystrzyckie Mountains and through the Polish basin and all the way to the distant Králický Sněžník and the Jeseník area. The most visited part of the Broumov Walls is the Star (671 metres above sea level), which forms a major tourist trail intersection. The attraction of this area is not only the view into the Broumov Basin with the border-region mountains in the background, but also the well-known baroque chapel, built in the years 1732-33 according to the plans of K. I. Dientzenhofer and the favourite Swiss-style tourist cottage.

Teplice Rocks

The Teplice rock town consists of distinctive rock walls. It is separated from the Adršpach rocks by the deep Wolf's Gorge. The rock town is divided into the Rock Ridge with the highest point of the The Rock (694 m), Stork Ridges (786 m), Vulture Rocks (771) and Kraví Mountains (734 m) and the extensive irregular plateau of the Labyrinth. The Teplice Rock Town stretches out along the Skalní (Rock) Stream. It contains approximately 70 named rock formations. For a fee there is a round-trip tourist trail winding through this whole area.

Adršpach Rocks

The Adršpach Rocks, forming a continuous plateau, are separated from the Teplice Rocks by a 7 km long canyon called the Wolf's Gorge. Here you will find up to 90-metre high rock towers, deep gorges, a waterfall as well as 2 lagoons. The spring area of the Metuje River is not far away and the river flows through the entire Rock Town.

Adršpach Rocks Adršpach Rocks Adršpach Rocks Adršpach Rocks

Ostaš (nature reserve)

The Ostaš Nature Reserve was established in 1956 on an area of 29.5 hectares for the protection of the peak part of the table mountain Ostaš (700 m).

At the peak of Ostaš there is a the Frýdlant Rock lookout with views of the Jestřebí Mountains, Adršpach-Teplice Rocks, the Krkonoše Mountains, Javoří Mountais and the Broumov Walls. On the south and eastern edges there is a rock labyrinth with bizarre rock formations. The smaller rock town called Kočičí (Cat) Rocks is on the north-eastern slope of the Mountain.

Rock-climbing (sandstone climbing)

The Adršpach-Teplice Rocks with hundreds of isolated and bizarre rock towers are a favourite rock-climbing destination. Local rock-climbing has a long and colourful history. The first ascents in Adršpach were undertaken already in 1923 by members of the German club K.V.Lössnitz, who with equipment then available, were successful in climbing some of the dominant rock towers (The King, Battlements, The Saxon Head, The Martin Crown, The Lovers, Mayor's or The Eagle)

Map - Broumov

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