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New product - Masterflamme

New product - Masterflamme

Thanks to their massive construction, Masterflamme wood stoves are positioned in the high quality market segment. The combustion chamber's tube design limits material expansion thus ensuring high quality and a long lifetime of the stove. The stove's tubes provide maximum heat transfer as the air flowing through the tubes is rapidly heated. This heating principle also ensures an even distribution of warm air not only in the room where the stove is standing but also to other rooms.

Luxurious colours

black, olive, brown velvet, grey and cream

Perfect combustion

ensures an intelligent delivery of primary, secondary and tertiary air into the firebox

Reliable three-point locking system

many years of problem-free operation is important for us

Double-walled convection wood stove

cold air is drawn into the tubes at the bottom the stove, it is heated up rapidly as it travels upwards to be blown out into the room

Option to heat food

The top hotplate can be used for quickly heating food

Wide coverage

heat output 3 - 21 kW, heating value 75 - 600 m3, log length 42 - 52 cm, 8-hour burn time

Fan effect - heat within minutes

the Masterflamme wood stove can be used for heating residential as well as recreational buildings. Thanks to its rapid heating ability and the size of its firebox it is also very popular in workshops, warehouses and other industrial areas. The Masterflamme wood stove has, thanks to its unique design, an exceptional ability to quickly create heat and to distribute it continuously and evenly. Cold air is drawn in from underneath into the tubes which form the combustion chamber itself. This directly heats the air that is blown back into the room. Thanks to this "fan effect", the Masterflamme wood stove can deliver lots of heat in a very short time and distribute it evenly into the heated area

Eko-Air-In ensures a central air supply by drawing outside air into the rear part of the stove. The entire combustion process is controlled using only a single control element in the bottom right corner of the wood stove. The Eko-Air-In system also provides protection against the explosion of gaseous particles by continuously drawing in fresh air. This innovative element ensures a high efficiency, lowers fuel consumption by up to 40% and is particularly environmentally friendly. The amount of ash is minimal.
Masterflamme wood stoves meet the strictest European CE norms (EN 13240, BlmSchV - Stufe 2, 15a B-VG, DINplus)

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