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Aquaflam VARIO woodstove

Aquaflam VARIO woodstove

A new product from HS Flamingo. The most modern boiler woodstove, meeting the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Highly effective and environmentally-friendly. The secondary combustion technology delivers an efficiency of over 80%. This unique design offers a simple transition from convection to a boiler-type heating method. Made from the highest quality materials, depending on technology, meets the strictest European norms. Equipped as standard with a cooling loop that protects against overheating. Tertiary air is supplied for perfect combustion and a constant air supply. Of course, an external air supply is provided. The integrated electronic air supply regulation option automatically protects against overheating.

You choose how you will operate your woodstove. Two heat exchanger power outputs and the option to operate in convection or the boiler mode, is what makes the Aquaflam VARIO!

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