26.01.2015 10:52

A thank-you email from a satisfied customer

 We would like to thank Mr. Růžička for his thank-you email and recommendation.

It's been more than a year, autumn 2013, that we purchased your VARIO woodstove with heat exchanger. We did encounter certain issues when connecting it, but this was our fault, and despite this you willingly helped us and tried to identify the cause and resolve the problem.

Since that time, we have been using the woodstove to our absolute satisfaction and are simply delighted. Both the woodstove itself as well as its connection into our home's heating and ventilation system (passive house with an ATREA system) are working perfectly.

In this way I would like to thank you for this product and hope that other customers are also similarly satisfied and that you have luck in your future endeavours, because what you do makes sense and provides great service. This is not all too common in today's world.

We have recommended your woodstove to several of our friends and I hope that even in this way we can express our gratitude.

Kindest Regards,

Martin Růžička"

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