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99+1 Broumovsko oSOBnĚ

99+1 Broumovsko oSOBnĚ

The Play Broumovsko project also supports regional development through the 99+1 Broumovsko oSOBnĚ competition, which should draw more attention to this region. The principle of the competition is that every visitor to the exhibition receives, in additiont to the entry ticket, also playing card and after registration can start collecting tags from partners (manufacturers, businesses and entrepreneurs in the Region) after visiting historical sites, interesting cultural events and making standard purchases in the Broumov Region. The main draw prize is a motor vehicle for which it is necessary to collect 70 tags during the year. Apart from this, there will also be a monthly draw where there will be many valuable prizes. To be put into the monthly draw, it is necessary to collect 25 tags.

Play Broumovsko

We are honored to participate in this project through the competition 99+1  Broumovsko oSOBnĚ. Visit us at our showroom, our competition number is the 10.

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