Automatic regulation Aquaflam

Automatic regulation is controlled by the heating circuit where the source of heat is a hot water fireplace insert, or other sources. The combustion process is automatically controlled by the air flap, which works together with the control unit mounted on the wall. The generated heat is dissipated into the domestic hot water tank (TUV), storage reservoir and central heating distribution. Regulation has three sensors and is able to operate two pumps. Thanks to its graphic display, you can immediately get information about the temperatures of individual sensors, whether the pumps or other source of heat are switched on. This regulation will enable you to save a lot of time regulating the insert, increase your safety and reduce fuel consumption.

  • ease of user control
  • graphic depiction of sensors, pumps and temperatures in the entire heating system
  • easy installation and connection 
  • turning other sources of heat on or off (electric / gas boiler, etc.)
  • adjusting the setting of individual values using the detailed manual
  • quiet appearance, universal form many interiors
  • controls of up to three pumps + three temperature sensors
  • summer / winter heating mode

Main benefits of automatic regulation

  • regulates combustion
  • controls the entire heating system
  • saves on fuel
  • graphically shows the temperature of sensors, status of pumps and the flap
  • shows overheating of the heating system, closes the flap and beeps
  • makes it safer for you
  • extends the lifespan of the combustion chamber
  • flap assembly is not necessary (regulation is a part of the fireplace insert)
  • setup in several languages

Fotogalerie k regulaci Aquaflam

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - zapojení

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - zapojení

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - čidla

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - krb EN

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - čerpadla EN

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - krb

Automatická regulace AQUAFLAM - čerpadla

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