Aquaflam VARIO Wood Boiler Stoves

Logo Aquaflam VARIOA new product from HS Flamingo. A state-of-the-art wood boiler stove that meets the requirements of even the most demanding customers. Highly effective and environmentally friendly. Secondary combustion technology with an efficiency exceeding 80%. A unique solution providing a simple transition

from heating using water to heating with hot convection air. Made from the best quality materials, using a technology that meets the strictest European norms. A cooling loop,

that protects against overheating is included as standard. Tertiary air supply for perfect combustion and a continuous supply of air. There is, of course, an option to connect outside air to the stove. The optional integrated electronic air supply regulation automatically protects against overheating.

You can choose how you will operate your wood stove. Two heat exchanger power outputs and the option to operate them in full convection mode equals Aquaflam VARIO!

Basic features of the Aquaflam VARIO wood boiler stove

  • hot water boiler or convection wood stove
  • effective window wash using preheated air
  • secondary combustion
  • Eko-Air-In
  • Flamme Verte ecological heating label
  • meets the following norms: EN 13229, BImSchV – Stufe 2, 15a B-VG, DINplus, Flamme Verte
  • outdoor air supply (primary, secondary and tertiary air supply)
  • a cooling loop in all options
  • 2 sensors connection points
  • cast iron grate
  • ashtray
  • 5-year warranty

Aquaflam VARIO wood boiler stove interior installations


brown velvet




Wood boiler stove Kalmar red Wood boiler stove Kalmar brown - velvet Wood boiler stove Kalmar olive Wood boiler stove Kalmar cream Wood boiler stove Kalmar grey
Wood boiler stove Lend red Wood boiler stove Lend brown - velvet Wood boiler stove Lend olive Wood boiler stove Lend cream Wood boiler stove Lend grey
Wood boiler stove Saporo red Wood boiler stove Saporo brown - velvet Wood boiler stove Saporo olive Wood boiler stove Saporo cream Wood boiler stove Saporo grey

You choose the...



The Saporo, Kalmar, Lend and Barma represent the complete range of design options for the Aquaflame Vario wood stove.


There are 5 colour options to choose from for the Saporo, Lend and Kalmar wood stoves - grey, cream, red and two luxurious colours - brown velvet and olive.

The Barma wood stove has a tiled exterior in Maple, Walnut and Bleached oak.


The wood stove is supplied with a heat exchanger as standard. The customer has the option of choosing from two power outputs: 3 - 9kW and 5 - 11kW into water.


There are two types of control systems available for the wood stove. A manual option using a draw bar and an electronic option using a potentiometer with a safety heat sensor.


If you decide to heat without a heat exchanger, you have the option of very easily replacing it with a blocking plate (deflector), which when used makes it possible to operate the stove in a hot air convection mode.


Furthermore, on the Barma wood stove, it is possible to replace the tiles at any time.

Video catalogue of the Aquaflam VARIO wood stove

Aquaflam VARIO technical parameters

11/5 kW 11/7 kW 11 kW Air
Nominal output /kW/ 11 11 11
Output to water /kW/ 5 7 -
Output range /kW/ 7 - 15 7 - 15 7 - 15
Water output range /kW/ 3 - 9 5 - 11 -
Fuel consumption /kg/hour/ 3,2 3,4 3
Efficiency /%/ 80,22 80,27 80,9
Flue diameter /mm/ 150 150 150
Heating value /m3/ 140 - 300 140 - 300 140 - 300
CO emissions (at 13% O2) /%/ 0,096 0,093 0,094
Average flue-gas temperature /°C/ 273 267 293
Volume of the heat exchanger /l/ 10,2 8,7 -
Log length /cm/ 40 40 40
Maximum operating pressure /bar/ 2,5 2,5 -

Technical cross section of the Aquaflam VARIO wood stove

Technical cross section of the Aquaflam VARIO wood stove

Stove operation using air regulation

Manual Electronic

Operate the Vario in the hot water boiler / hot convection air versions

Operate the Vario in the hot water boiler / hot convection air versions

Technical drawings - Aquaflam VARIO

Saporo Lend Kalmar Barma
Technical drawings - Aquaflam VARIO - Saporo Technical drawings - Aquaflam VARIO - Lend Technical drawings - Aquaflam VARIO - Kalmar Technical drawings - Aquaflam VARIO - Barma

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